Tennis Court Resurfacing Project

The Albury Outdoor Sports Centre Management Committee is delighted to announce that the tennis courts are currently undergoing¬† resurfacing work. The courts will be unavailable to use for several weeks (depending on the weather) but it’s hoped to have them back in action soon. In order to provide courts that meet the recommendations of the Lawn Tennis Association, the number of courts will drop from five to four. This will give a greater run-off space around each court. Initially, the courts will be marked in white but the final court colours will be applied in the Spring when conditions are suitable. Players can now look forward to playing on a vastly improved surface and it’s hoped that the numbers of people using the courts will increase.

In conjunction with Sport Aberdeen, a Tennis Development Plan is being developed which will offer new opportunities for people of all ages to begin or improve their game. Details to follow in due course.

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